Viva La Vida

An illustration based on Coldplay’s song “Viva La Vida”. Specifically, the lyrics: “Now in the morning I sleep alone, sweep the streets I used to own.” The song is about a defeated person, essentially, a king who has lost his throne, so I wanted my illustration to depict a desolate and depressed scene. The figure is alone, this is emphasized by looming buildings and shadows. The colors convey a sense of old, dark, and dirty.

The animation at the top of the page is a variation of this illustration, showing the figure in multiple instances, wandering aimlessly through space and time in a constant loop.

Click the image to view the full-size.

I also took this illustration and made a variation for an Inception Comic Book Cover, “The Big Under”. I altered the colors and the composition to reflect the Inception style better, I added more fog and clouds to further enhance that dream-like quality.

Click the image to view full-size.

This illustration was created in my Computer Applications I class, click here to view more work from this class.

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