Honeywell User Experience

End-to-End Experience Design

User-centered design helps us develop the end-to-end experiences of residential, commercial, and industrial products and services—from engagement and purchase, to installation and use, to maintenance and upgrades. A good end-to-end experience means that every touchpoint of the user journey, such as point-of-purchase, packaging, install guides, hardware, and software, is delivered to the customer consistently and seamlessly.

Advanced Design

Advanced design allows us to explore new interactions, technologies and business models before a specific product or service is conceived—helping us identify short and long-term strategies for innovation. Staying ahead of the competition means taking the time to explore these cutting-edge solutions.

Honeywell Design Language

To keep building brand identity and ensure a consistent look and feel across all of Honeywell’s product and services, we’re establishing a company-wide design language that specifies elements like colors, materials, and interaction patterns.


Assisting with generative and evaluative research to discover user needs and test design solutions.


Lyric Round Thermostat


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Safety Valve HMI


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