I spent a lot of time thinking about how I wanted to depict this poem. It’s a short, but incredibly complex piece of writing. While I discovered many of its different interpretations throughout the process, such as a broken relationship or terminal illness, I ultimately decided that Sunflower is about impermanence. For me, the most important moment of the poem is the line: “better not listen to a thing with a stem”. It suggests that nothing lasts forever—a very Buddhist lesson that says we should be aware of, and appreciate, things while they are around, but that we shouldn’t dwell on them when they are gone. I thought that the growth and death of a single sunflower would be a simple, yet effective, way to communicate this message. My hope is that this animation will help viewers not only recognize, but embrace, the beauty of impermanence in life.

Learn more about this project on the Motionpoems website.