I believe that invis­i­ble threads con­nect us to the peo­ple we love.

From as close as the per­son lying in bed next to you, to as far as some­one on the oth­er side of the world, these threads con­nect you with your part­ner, your fam­i­ly, and friends. No mat­ter where they are.

They con­nect you to the loved ones you’ve lost, the ones you haven’t talked to in years, and the ones you nev­er want to talk to again. Because once a thread has been made, it can nev­er be bro­ken.

At night, these threads arc up into the night sky and glow. The stronger the love, the deep­er the glow becomes. The glow illu­mi­nates your soul and the souls of the peo­ple you’re con­nect­ed to. The glow bounces from per­son to per­son, flood­ing the world with light.

So tonight, when you’re lying in bed, take a moment to pic­ture all of your glow­ing threads the peo­ple they con­nect you to.