Project Oz On Hold

I’ve decid­ed to put Project Oz on hold.

You may have noticed over the past cou­ple of weeks, I’ve been fail­ing to meet the dead­lines that I’ve set up for this project. I’ve under­es­ti­mat­ed how much work this semes­ter would be. It’s get­ting to a point where I can’t spend the amount of time I want to on it and the work is suf­fer­ing as a result.

I have big ideas for this project and it real­ly means a lot to me, so I want to be able to take my time with it. Thank­ful­ly, since this is a per­son­al project, I can set dead­lines for when­ev­er I want. I’ve decid­ed to post­pone the project until a lat­er date when I have more time to give it the atten­tion it deserves.

Ulti­mate­ly this means that I’ll have more time to make awe­some work in my class­es this Fall and Project Oz won’t suf­fer the con­se­quences.

I will still occa­sion­al­ly post sketch­es and links, but no offi­cial art until I resume the project.