Oz Update #9

OK. So.. I didn’t exact­ly fin­ish the regions of Oz con­cept art. I tried! But with school start­ing, work, and every­thing else, there just weren’t enough hours. :(

BUT I know I’ve been teas­ing this stuff for too long, so the best I can do right now is show you what I have so far. Please keep in mind that while some of the images are more refined than oth­ers, they are all still VERY rough (some still in basic color/​tone and com­po­si­tion).

These are the 5 regions of Oz. Cen­tral, North­ern, East­ern, South­ern, and West­ern Oz. Each region has it’s own unique char­ac­ter­is­tics, inhab­i­tants, and resources. I’ve tak­en inspi­ra­tion for them from all around the world includ­ing the Iron Range, Sono­ma Val­ly, and Ire­land. But more on that next week!