Oz Update #8

Last week I talked about creating a list of all the concept art I want to make for this project. This week, I created a timeline that goes up to December 31st of what work I’m going to post every week (with a couple free weekends for sanity’s sake). I can’t show you the timeline because I still want keep some things a secret. :) I’ve planned out what art to release at what time and grouped relevant art together. So each week I’ll be posting anywhere from 1-5 images with a description of what they are and how they are significant to my story.

I decided not to release art this week because my life looks a lot like the image above right now. Crazy. With the summer ending and classes starting, I knew I wouldn’t have anything ready for today. So! I’ll be starting next Sunday with some landscape art to introduce you to the regions of Oz.

Also here is an adorable, ukelele version of the “Optimistic Voices” song from the Wizard of Oz. :D