Oz Update #8

Last week I talked about cre­at­ing a list of all the con­cept art I want to make for this project. This week, I cre­at­ed a time­line that goes up to Decem­ber 31st of what work I’m going to post every week (with a cou­ple free week­ends for sanity’s sake). I can’t show you the time­line because I still want keep some things a secret. :) I’ve planned out what art to release at what time and grouped rel­e­vant art togeth­er. So each week I’ll be post­ing any­where from 1-5 images with a descrip­tion of what they are and how they are sig­nif­i­cant to my sto­ry.

I decid­ed not to release art this week because my life looks a lot like the image above right now. Crazy. With the sum­mer end­ing and class­es start­ing, I knew I wouldn’t have any­thing ready for today. So! I’ll be start­ing next Sun­day with some land­scape art to intro­duce you to the regions of Oz.

Also here is an adorable, ukelele ver­sion of the “Opti­mistic Voic­es” song from the Wiz­ard of Oz. :D