Oz Update #7

This week in addition to more practice and reading, I tried to come up with a game plan for how I want to attack this project. So I made a list. :)

Since there is SO much I want to do with this project, it has quickly become daunting, lol. I created the (rough) list below to help me narrow down the work I have to do.

  • Main Characters
    • Queen Ozma
    • The Wicked Witch of the West
    • Glinda the Good
  • Races
    • Humans
    • Beasts
    • Gilikin
    • Munchkins
    • Scarecrows
    • Quadlings
    • Winkie
    • Flying Monkeys
    • Tinmen
  • Environments
    • Central Oz
      • Ozma’s Castle
      • The Emerald City
      • Landscape (Forest of the Beasts maybe?)
    • Southern Oz
      • Glinda’s Castle
      • Quadling Village
      • Landscape
    • Eastern Oz
      • The Wicked Witch’s Castle
      • The Tin Castle
      • Landscape
    • Northern Oz
      • Gilikin Capital
      • Northern Gilikin Village
      • Landscape (Mountains)
    • Eastern Oz
      • Munchkinland Capitol
      • Scarecrow Village?
      • Landscape (Farmland?)

I have about 18 weeks to finish this project, and there are 27 pieces of art to do. So now I just have to figure out a schedule to get them all done!

The plan is to release some concept art and background information/storyline every week until the end of the project. Then I’ll create a big page with all the art and information. So expect to see some finished work next week!

P.S. The silhouettes in the image above are of our three main characters: Glinda, The Wicked Witch, and Ozma! :)