Oz Update #5

Oz Update #5! (I’ve been working on this project for 5 weeks already??)

Light + Dark

So in last week’s Oz Update, I talked a little bit about my inspiration for this project, and how my project will “embrace this dark­ness to bring out the light”. So this week, I’ll talk a little bit more about what I mean by that and why it’s important.

I’ve talked about Queen Ozma, and her importance to my story, and how “the bur­den of the slip­pers has taken a tole on her, lead­ing her to vin­dic­tive, irra­tional, and frankly schiz­o­phrenic behavior”. Well this is just the beginning the darkness that I’m bringing to Oz.

Over the 100 years that Ozma has been ruling Oz, a lot has happened. I don’t want to get into specifics yet, but essentially there have been a lot of ups and downs. In Ozma’s early years as ruler, she instituted a nationwide ban on magic. There have been literal (and non-literal) witch hunts. Just like the wizard, Ozma has used propaganda to manipulate the people of Oz. She has created certain enemies of Oz to rally the nation and bring the people together. She has made deals and orchestrated plans to strengthen not only her empire, but herself. During these 100 years, there has been war, genocide, torture, assassination, secret police, and lies. This darkness is necessary, because it sets a framework for the light.

I really hate to be so mysterious about all this stuff but I don’t want to reveal too much before I have my story figured out, and there is a LOT to think about. I promise you big things things are coming! :)



So to help me get in the right mind set when I’m reading or creating art for this project, I listen to a Pandora station I’ve create called “Inspiration Radio“. It’s got all sorts of great soundtrack music by John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, Patrick Doyle, Joe Hisaishi, and more! I’m constantly updating it, improving it, and adding more artists and soundtracks as the project continues. So add it to your Pandora playlist and follow along! And if you have an suggestions for stuff I should be listening to, please let me know!