Oz Update #5

Oz Update #5! (I’ve been work­ing on this project for 5 weeks already??)

Light + Dark

So in last week’s Oz Update, I talked a lit­tle bit about my inspi­ra­tion for this project, and how my project will “embrace this dark­ness to bring out the light”. So this week, I’ll talk a lit­tle bit more about what I mean by that and why it’s impor­tant.

I’ve talked about Queen Ozma, and her impor­tance to my sto­ry, and how “the bur­den of the slip­pers has tak­en a tole on her, lead­ing her to vin­dic­tive, irra­tional, and frankly schiz­o­phrenic behav­ior”. Well this is just the begin­ning the dark­ness that I’m bring­ing to Oz.

Over the 100 years that Ozma has been rul­ing Oz, a lot has hap­pened. I don’t want to get into specifics yet, but essen­tial­ly there have been a lot of ups and downs. In Ozma’s ear­ly years as ruler, she insti­tut­ed a nation­wide ban on mag­ic. There have been lit­er­al (and non-lit­er­al) witch hunts. Just like the wiz­ard, Ozma has used pro­pa­gan­da to manip­u­late the peo­ple of Oz. She has cre­at­ed cer­tain ene­mies of Oz to ral­ly the nation and bring the peo­ple togeth­er. She has made deals and orches­trat­ed plans to strength­en not only her empire, but her­self. Dur­ing these 100 years, there has been war, geno­cide, tor­ture, assas­si­na­tion, secret police, and lies. This dark­ness is nec­es­sary, because it sets a frame­work for the light.

I real­ly hate to be so mys­te­ri­ous about all this stuff but I don’t want to reveal too much before I have my sto­ry fig­ured out, and there is a LOT to think about. I promise you big things things are com­ing! :)



So to help me get in the right mind set when I’m read­ing or cre­at­ing art for this project, I lis­ten to a Pan­do­ra sta­tion I’ve cre­ate called “Inspi­ra­tion Radio”. It’s got all sorts of great sound­track music by John Williams, Hans Zim­mer, Dan­ny Elf­man, Patrick Doyle, Joe Hisaishi, and more! I’m con­stant­ly updat­ing it, improv­ing it, and adding more artists and sound­tracks as the project con­tin­ues. So add it to your Pan­do­ra playlist and fol­low along! And if you have an sug­ges­tions for stuff I should be lis­ten­ing to, please let me know!