Regina’s Candies Rebrand

About the Project

This four month class project began by pick­ing a brand to redesign and devel­op a new mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy for. I chose Regina’s Can­dies, a local busi­ness that sells hand­made can­dies.

The project was divid­ed into 4 main phas­es: Dis­cov­er, Define, Design, and Devel­op.


In the Dis­cov­er phase, I did a lot of research about Regina’s Can­dies includ­ing a ver­bal and visu­al audit, where I looked at how Regina’s presents itself in writ­ing (web­site, sig­nage, print mate­r­i­al, etc.) and how it presents itself visu­al­ly (pack­ag­ing, imagery, etc.) I did a sur­vey and cre­at­ed a list of Regina’s image attrib­ut­es, which are the words that peo­ple asso­ciate with Regina’s Can­dies.


In the Define phase, I looked at the image attrib­ut­es and came up with a short list of “desired image attrib­ut­es”, the attrib­ut­es I want peo­ple to asso­ciate with Regina’s Can­dies. These desired image attrib­ut­es were: qual­i­ty, tra­di­tion, delight­ful, and unique. With these words, I cre­at­ed a design cri­te­ria chart which describes how each word would be rep­re­sent­ed in each of the 5 sens­es. For exam­ple, delight­ful would sound like a xylo­phone. Design cri­te­ria help think out­side


In the Design phase, well, I designed. I cre­at­ed the new logo and graph­ic stan­dards. I made deci­sions on col­ors, type­faces, pat­terns, and pho­tog­ra­phy.


Last­ly, in the Devel­op phase, I made 7 appli­ca­tions to sup­port the mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy I cre­at­ed to reach the new audi­ence.