Oz Update #3

As promised, this week I’ll be talk­ing a lit­tle bit about the Land of Oz’s ruler, Queen Ozma, and her role in my sto­ry. Fair warn­ing, this post is about to get very nerdy. You’ve been warned!

The Land of Oz is a gov­erned by a Monar­chy, and despite the fact there are dif­fer­ent regions of Oz with their own rulers (or dic­ta­tors), the Land of Oz is meant to be ruled by one per­son. That per­son is Ozma.

Queen Ozma (more com­mon­ly referred to as Princess Ozma), is a young girl who inher­it­ed her rule over Oz. Before her, her Father, Pas­to­ria, was the ruler. The sto­ry of how he lost his thrown and how Ozma came to rule changes from book to book, but the gen­er­al idea is that Pas­to­ria was over­thrown by the Wiz­ard of Oz. The Wiz­ard, not want­i­ng Ozma to inher­it her rule, sent her to the witch Mom­bi to be trans­formed into a boy and hid­den away. Long sto­ry short, Ozma is dis­cov­ered and giv­en her right­ful claim to the throne to rule Oz for­ev­er.

This is all impor­tant infor­ma­tion to know because Ozma will be play­ing a VERY impor­tant role in my sto­ry. I don’t want to tell you too much at this point, but as you know, my sto­ry takes place 100 years after Dorothy defeat­ed the Wicked Witch of the West. Dur­ing that time, Ozma has been rul­ing Oz with the pow­er of the ruby slip­pers that she acquired. How­ev­er the bur­den of the slip­pers has tak­en a tole on her, lead­ing her to vin­dic­tive, irra­tional, and frankly schiz­o­phrenic behav­ior.

..and that’s all I’m going to say for now. :) Next week I’ll write a lit­tle bit about my inspi­ra­tion for this project.