Oz Update #2

Ok for this week’s Oz Update, I’ll be review­ing some of the impor­tant details I’ve read, and tell you a lit­tle bit about the land of Oz.


  • When Dorothy lands in Oz for the first time, it is not Glin­da who meets her, but the Witch of the North. Which is con­fus­ing, because in the movie, Glin­da intro­duces her­self as the “good witch of the north” when in fact she is the Witch of the South. Dorothoy doesn’t even meet Glin­da until after she has killed the Wicked Witch and the Great and Ter­ri­ble Oz has left in his bal­loon.
  • The Munchkins were held in “bondage” by the Witch of the East, which I assumed meant slav­ery, but I think it was more of like a dic­ta­tor­ship. They were freed when Dorothy’s house land­ed on her.
  • The Winkies in the west, how­ev­er, were most cer­tain­ly kept in slav­ery by the Wicked Witch of the West. They were over­joyed when she was defeat­ed, and they asked the Tin Woods­man to rule over them. (Which is weird because you think a group of oppressed peo­ple would want to rule them­selves..)
  • The ruby slip­pers from the movie are not actu­al­ly ruby in the books, they are sil­ver.
  • Through­out the book, peo­ple tell Dorothy of the pow­er­ful charm that her sil­ver slip­pers have. And although she is nev­er told what it is, I find it very inter­est­ing that Dorothy and the Wicked Witch are each wear­ing one slip­per when she throws the water on the witch and melts her. (As you can see in the orig­i­nal illus­tra­tion above.)

The Land of Oz

Please note the hor­ri­bly con­fus­ing way the map was drawn with east and west flipped..

Ok so I start­ed writ­ing out these notes, and then I found the Oz wiki, which seri­ous­ly has every­thing you could ever want to know about the Land of Oz. So if you’re inter­est­ed, skip my pathet­ic explainan­tion and go direct­ly to: http://​en​.wikipedia​.org/​w​i​k​i​/​L​a​n​d​_​o​f​_Oz

  • There are 5 regions of Oz: Cen­tral Oz, North­ern Oz, East­ern Oz, South­ern Oz, and West­ern Oz.
  • Each region has it’s own dis­tinc­tive col­or based on the col­or of the land­scape.
    • Cen­tral Oz — Green
    • North­ern Oz — Pur­ple
    • East­ern Oz — Blue
    • South­ern Oz — Red
    • West­ern Oz — Yel­low
  • The peo­ple in each region wear these col­ors and paint their build­ings these col­ors as a sort of sense of patri­o­tism or respect for their envi­ron­ment and cul­ture.
  • Although its a rel­a­tive­ly small nation, the land­scape of Oz is diverse. It has every­thing from farm­lands and forests, to moun­tains and lakes.
  • While Baum’s his­to­ry of Oz is always chang­ing, the books hint at a cer­tain air of polit­i­cal chaos in the land of Oz. Pow­er vac­u­ums, oppo­si­tion, slav­ery, oppression—it’s all there.

Next week I’ll be shar­ing some more notes with you, specif­i­cal­ly about Ozma’s his­to­ry and how she fits into my sto­ry (spoil­er: she plays a very impor­tant part, haha).