Oz Update #1

Over the course of this project I’ll be shar­ing week­ly “Oz Updates” with you every Sun­day. It’s a way for me to share what I’ve been doing, ask for feed­back, etc. Hope­ful­ly these posts will be inter­est­ing, and if there is any­thing I’m work­ing on specif­i­cal­ly that you’d like to hear more about, please ask!

So it turns out I’ve got my read­ing cut out for me. The 14 books make up almost 900 8.5x11 pages (two gigan­tic binders full, lol) Over the next cou­ple of weeks I’ll be read­ing like a mad man and tak­ing notes to make sure I have all the details right before I start reveal­ing my own sto­ry.

If you’d like to read the books too, I’ve cre­at­ed a big PDF with all 14 books and a table of con­tents. The PDF can be viewed and down­loaded from my Google Docs account at: https://​docs​.google​.com/​o​p​e​n​?​i​d​=​0​B​8​N​M​q​6​5​j​p​M​t​6​e​W​d​Y​b​2​F​R​Y​z​h​f​WlE

In addi­tion to read­ing a ton, I’ve also been work­ing on an Oz logo. More details to come as I reveal my sto­ry, but it’s sup­posed to be sort of a mil­i­tary emblem. It’s not real­ly com­plete, but I thought I give you a pre­view. It’s con­struct­ed from the let­ters O and Z as the orig­i­nal Oz books depict­ed, but it’s also divid­ed into four quad­rants that rep­re­sent the dif­fer­ent coun­tries of Oz, with the small cir­cle in the mid­dle rep­re­sent­ing the Emer­ald City.

In next week’s “Oz Update”, I’ll be shar­ing some of the notes I’ve made going through the books—pointing out things I find impor­tant and rel­e­vant to my sto­ry.