Fortify: iPad App for Forts


For­ti­fy is an “aug­ment­ed imag­i­na­tion” app that serves as a sort of com­mand cen­ter for the forts that kids have cre­at­ed. There are sev­er­al modes avail­able includ­ing mil­i­tary, pirate, safari, under­wa­ter, out­er space, princess, and more. The each mode has sev­er­al action but­tons that relate to the theme of the mode. For exam­ple, mil­i­tary mode would have dif­fer­ent but­tons to ini­ti­ate sirens, alarms, and self-destruct. In addi­tion to a vari­ety of modes and but­tons, the app has two cen­tral screens. The top screen is a vir­tu­al assis­tant and mis­sion mode. The bot­tom screen is a stor­age space for draw­ings, pho­tos, and videos. The two screens can be com­bined for alerts and ran­dom events.

Mis­sion Mode is a func­tion that can be turned on to ini­ti­ate activ­i­ties for the kids using the app that are relat­ed to the mode they are using. For exam­ple, if Pirate Mode were select­ed, a pos­si­ble mis­sion could be swash the decks or walk the plank. This mode aims to pro­vide even more “aug­ment­ed imag­i­na­tion” oppor­tu­ni­ties avail­able from the app.

Interactive Demo

Click here to down­load the inter­ac­tive pdf.

Site Map

  • Mil­i­tary Mode
    • Dual Screens
    • Top Screen: Vir­tu­al Assis­tant + Mis­sion Mode
    • Bot­tom Screen: Doc­u­ments screen
    • Self Destruct
      • Ini­ti­ates a 30 sec­ond self destruct sequence that can be abort­ed by press­ing the self destruct but­ton or by shak­ing the device.
    • 4 Sounds/​Actions
      • Alpha Siren
      • Bra­vo Siren
      • Alpha Alarm
      • Bra­vo Alarm
    • 4 Util­i­ties
    • Mis­sion Mode
      • Tog­gles Mis­sion Mode on and off
    • Sur­veil­lance
      • Acti­vates more on-screen options includ­ing radar, audio feed­back, cam­era, etc.
    • Sta­tion Lock
      • Locks For­ti­fy until the sta­tion lock but­ton is pressed again. Can have a text or audio pass­word set.
    • Set­tings
      • Brings up addi­tion­al set­tings to the dual screen such as vol­ume, mute, and addi­tion­al cus­tomiza­tion fea­tures.
  • Pirate Mode
  • Under­wa­ter Mode
  • Safari Mode
  • Out­er Space Mode
  • Mag­ic Mode
  • Princess Mode
  • Medieval Mode
  • Cow­boy Mode