Fortify: iPad App for Forts


Fortify is an “augmented imagination” app that serves as a sort of command center for the forts that kids have created. There are several modes available including military, pirate, safari, underwater, outer space, princess, and more. The each mode has several action buttons that relate to the theme of the mode. For example, military mode would have different buttons to initiate sirens, alarms, and self-destruct. In addition to a variety of modes and buttons, the app has two central screens. The top screen is a virtual assistant and mission mode. The bottom screen is a storage space for drawings, photos, and videos. The two screens can be combined for alerts and random events.

Mission Mode is a function that can be turned on to initiate activities for the kids using the app that are related to the mode they are using. For example, if Pirate Mode were selected, a possible mission could be swash the decks or walk the plank. This mode aims to provide even more “augmented imagination” opportunities available from the app.

Interactive Demo

Click here to download the interactive pdf.

Site Map

  • Military Mode
    • Dual Screens
    • Top Screen: Virtual Assistant + Mission Mode
    • Bottom Screen: Documents screen
    • Self Destruct
      • Initiates a 30 second self destruct sequence that can be aborted by pressing the self destruct button or by shaking the device.
    • 4 Sounds/Actions
      • Alpha Siren
      • Bravo Siren
      • Alpha Alarm
      • Bravo Alarm
    • 4 Utilities
    • Mission Mode
      • Toggles Mission Mode on and off
    • Surveillance
      • Activates more on-screen options including radar, audio feedback, camera, etc.
    • Station Lock
      • Locks Fortify until the station lock button is pressed again. Can have a text or audio password set.
    • Settings
      • Brings up additional settings to the dual screen such as volume, mute, and additional customization features.
  • Pirate Mode
  • Underwater Mode
  • Safari Mode
  • Outer Space Mode
  • Magic Mode
  • Princess Mode
  • Medieval Mode
  • Cowboy Mode

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