A logo, identity, and stationary system for an organic energy drink company: Vivace.

Vivace Style Guide

Vivace Process Work

I began this project by creating an imaginary company to work with. I wanted to create an energy drink company that could compete against the likes of 5 Hour Energy and Monster Energy drinks. I wanted this company to be dedicated to creating great tasting, healthy, organic, ‘pick-me-up’ energy drinks rather than disgusting syrups that provide phone book-ripping levels of energy.

I came up with the word Vivace for the name of the company. Its an Italian musical term that means “lively” and “vivid”. This meaning matched perfectly with the light and friendly tone that I wanted to the company to have.

After I finalized the name, I began to flesh out more details about the company, their mission statement, brand promise, product line, etc. Developing these elements made the task of creating a logo much easier.

The logo consists of a symbol and a wordmark. For the symbol, I wanted to create a shape that was very unique, organic, energetic, and fresh. I played around with several ideas (which can be seen in the process gallery at the end of this post), but I decided on a circular shape with several seed shapes inside. This shape had the freshness and energy I was looking for, and looked like an abstracted piece of fruit, or flower, or sun–all of which were images that related to me company’s identity.

I wanted to carry over these ideas of freshness and energy to the wordmark as well. After trying a variety of typefaces, I decided on Century Gothic because it was clean, professional, and easy to read. I used a mix of upper and lowercase letters to give the word a little funky/friendly aesthetic, then I altered the A with a swoosh to convey that sense of energy.

After developing a logo, I worked on other parts of the identity like color, type treatment, photo usage, etc. This helped me in the next development stage where I created a stationary set including an envelope, letterhead, and business card. Additionally, I developed a few websites concepts to present the products and convey the company’s mission statement.

Lastly, I created a Vivace style guide that summarized all the details about the brand’s identity and graphic standards.