A logo, iden­ti­ty, and sta­tion­ary sys­tem for an organ­ic ener­gy drink com­pa­ny: Vivace.

Vivace Style Guide

Vivace Process Work

I began this project by cre­at­ing an imag­i­nary com­pa­ny to work with. I want­ed to cre­ate an ener­gy drink com­pa­ny that could com­pete against the likes of 5 Hour Ener­gy and Mon­ster Ener­gy drinks. I want­ed this com­pa­ny to be ded­i­cat­ed to cre­at­ing great tast­ing, healthy, organ­ic, ‘pick-me-up’ ener­gy drinks rather than dis­gust­ing syrups that pro­vide phone book-rip­ping lev­els of ener­gy.

I came up with the word Vivace for the name of the com­pa­ny. Its an Ital­ian musi­cal term that means “live­ly” and “vivid”. This mean­ing matched per­fect­ly with the light and friend­ly tone that I want­ed to the com­pa­ny to have.

After I final­ized the name, I began to flesh out more details about the com­pa­ny, their mis­sion state­ment, brand promise, prod­uct line, etc. Devel­op­ing these ele­ments made the task of cre­at­ing a logo much eas­i­er.

The logo con­sists of a sym­bol and a word­mark. For the sym­bol, I want­ed to cre­ate a shape that was very unique, organ­ic, ener­getic, and fresh. I played around with sev­er­al ideas (which can be seen in the process gallery at the end of this post), but I decid­ed on a cir­cu­lar shape with sev­er­al seed shapes inside. This shape had the fresh­ness and ener­gy I was look­ing for, and looked like an abstract­ed piece of fruit, or flower, or sun--all of which were images that relat­ed to me company’s iden­ti­ty.

I want­ed to car­ry over these ideas of fresh­ness and ener­gy to the word­mark as well. After try­ing a vari­ety of type­faces, I decid­ed on Cen­tu­ry Goth­ic because it was clean, pro­fes­sion­al, and easy to read. I used a mix of upper and low­er­case let­ters to give the word a lit­tle funky/​friendly aes­thet­ic, then I altered the A with a swoosh to con­vey that sense of ener­gy.

After devel­op­ing a logo, I worked on oth­er parts of the iden­ti­ty like col­or, type treat­ment, pho­to usage, etc. This helped me in the next devel­op­ment stage where I cre­at­ed a sta­tion­ary set includ­ing an enve­lope, let­ter­head, and busi­ness card. Addi­tion­al­ly, I devel­oped a few web­sites con­cepts to present the prod­ucts and con­vey the company’s mis­sion state­ment.

Last­ly, I cre­at­ed a Vivace style guide that sum­ma­rized all the details about the brand’s iden­ti­ty and graph­ic stan­dards.