This past fall I took a Pack­ag­ing Design class that involved design­ing pack­ages for 3 prod­ucts. First, a sports or recre­ation prod­uct, sec­ond, a bev­er­age, and third, a snack or can­dy.

Below is a short descrip­tion of each of my designs as well as a large gallery at the end with plen­ty of process work and more pic­tures of the the fin­ished pieces.

Project 1: Sports/​Recreation Product

Our first project was to redesign a pack­age for an exist­ing sports or recre­ation prod­uct. I chose to do a set of blue glow­ing poi. I chose this prod­uct because the exist­ing pack­ag­ing was essen­tial­ly a pur­ple nylon bag with no descrip­tion, instruc­tions, or prod­uct name. It sim­ply had a URL to the company’s web­site. Basi­cal­ly, it need­ed some major improve­ments. I start­ed by replac­ing the pur­ple nylon bag with a ten­nis ball tube. This allowed for the prod­uct to be ful­ly dis­played to the cus­tomer. I added a flashy name name to the prod­uct, “Shoot­ing Stars”, so the prod­uct would appeal more towards my audi­ence, boys and girls ages 8-12.

Project 2: Beverage

I had a lot of fun with the sec­ond project we worked on, bev­er­age pack­ag­ing. We were able to choose an alco­holic or non-alco­holic drink. I knew I want­ed to do wine, but I had two ideas that I couldn’t decide between. The first was to do a set of large wine bot­tles with a film noir theme and illus­tra­tions. The sec­ond idea was to do a wine flight of small bot­tles vary­ing from light to dark to edu­cate peo­ple about dif­fer­ent types of wine. In the end, I decid­ed to com­bine the ideas into “Scar­let Revolver”, the film noir wine flight. I used images from clas­sic noir films as the back­ground for the dif­fer­ent labels. These images also gra­date in dark­ness along with the col­or of the wines. Each bot­tle has a descrip­tion on the back of what the wine tastes like and what it is paired best with. Each bot­tle also has a small red band near the cap, each has a dif­fer­ent arche­type char­ac­ter from the noir genre, for exam­ple the “femme fetale”. Last­ly, all six bot­tles fit into a revolver inspired 6-pack which can be seen in the gallery at the end of this post.

Project 3: Snack/​Candy

Our third project was to cre­ate pack­age design and point-of-pur­chase dis­play for a snack or can­dy. In this project, we were asked to work with a dif­fer­ent audi­ence in mind than what we had already done. I decid­ed to cre­ate some­thing for real­ly young chil­dren, ages 5-8. I want­ed to cre­ate a health bar for kids, much like what a Clif bar is for adults. I fig­ured if com­pa­nies can use pack­ag­ing design to make kids CRAZY about can­dy, why can’t it be done for health foods too?

To begin this project, I had to come up with a killer name. I want­ed some­thing that was sim­ple, and kind friend­ly, some­thing fun to say, like ‘Lego’ or ‘Osh-Gosh-Bgosh’. I was going back and forth between ‘Gu-fu-yu’ (short for ‘Good For You’) and ‘Yum­bo’. I end­ed up going with Yum­bo because it wasn’t as com­pli­cat­ed and worked bet­ter for my audi­ence.

Next, I had to devel­op the word­mark and visu­al sys­tem. I want­ed to keep things sim­ple and cute. so I used a lot of round­ed shapes and pri­ma­ry col­ors. The lit­tle red char­ac­ter was also cre­at­ed with the idea of sim­plic­i­ty and cute­ness.

Last­ly, for the point-of-pur­chase dis­play, rather than mak­ing some kind of fan­cy, stair-stepped revolv­ing stand thing, I opt­ed to go the sim­ple route and make a plain box with an over-sized back pan­el.


To see more images of the com­plet­ed work and some process work for each of the projects, view the gallery below.