Sketch of the Day 7-27

OK so for today’s sketch, I decid­ed to try my hand at a quick Min­neso­ta Vikings foot­ball team re-brand. Every time I see them on the news it’s like a gigan­tic facepalm. Long sto­ry short, they’re over­due for a refresh. I want­ed to update the col­ors slight­ly to make them grit­ti­er as well as update the word­mark with new, clean­er typog­ra­phy. I fig­ured they need­ed some kind of new sym­bol to rep­re­sent them­selves oth­er than a blonde viking with braids.. So I did a lit­tle research an found this Norse viking sym­bol, the “Valknut”. Orig­i­nal brand on the left, rebrand on the right.