Sketch of the Day 5-29

I had a dream last night where I was in a video game and had to fight a boss. The first ‘form’ of this boss was a giant man, who somehow crouched down–causing his head to fall off. His head became the size of a normal human head (this was his second form), but it started to roll around on the ground like Sonic the Hedgehog. I had to jump when he came by so I wouldn’t get hit and stab the head with a fork 3 times to weaken him. After the third strike, he turned into his third form. His third form was a figure who just stood there, but when I tried to come towards him, black snakes started spewing out of him with large eyes all along their bodies–making circles on the ground around him. The circles of snakes rippled out from the man, and if I tried to come near him, the ripples would get bigger and bigger and push me away. So I tried jumping between the ripples to get to the man, but I couldn’t make it. I ended up falling off of a cliff into the fog and had to start the boss all over again, then I woke up.