Red Riding Hood Typography

A few people have mentioned that it looks like the creators of the movie “Red Riding Hood” stole the typography from my Little Red Riding Hood illustrations. While this is entirely hilarious and untrue. I thought I’d do a quick (and biased) analysis of the two to highlight some similarities and differences.

Red Riding Hood Typography (on top)

The Red Riding Hood typography is visually striking. It is a heavier weight typeface with rounded serifs. The text is stylized with grudge texture and splatter marks. It makes use of subtle small caps, with the beginning letter of each word slightly bigger than the rest.

My Little Red Riding Hood Typography (on bottom)

My Little Red Riding Hood typography grows increasingly graphic as the story progresses with inking and splatters to convey a sense of violence and darkness. The title only has a small amount of speckled splatter marks. The typeface used is Perpetua which gives the piece a very classic fable appearance. The title type is clean, using size and positioning to give different words in the title emphasis. Lastly, a tilde (~) is used to connect ‘riding’ and ‘hood’ to give the title whimsy and quirkiness.

My Opinion

The splatters and grunge of the Red Riding Hood typography look nice, especially in the red, but I’m not a fan of red text on a black background or vise versa—it doesn’t read well, and prints even worse. There isn’t enough vertical spacing between the words. It makes it seem squished and messes up readability (letters start interacting with those above and below them, when they should only be interacting to those to the right and left). So while it may not be perfect, it gets the job done, and would definitely cater to the raw/edgy tweenagers that would love this apparent mash-up of Twilight and The Village.

See the trailer below and check out the full post on my Little Red Riding Hood illustrations.