Sketch of the Day 2-23

Today, while rid­ing the bus, I passed by a Jam­ba Juice, and I noticed that the logo is a lit­tle out dat­ed and tacky. I mean, what’s up with those let­ters con­nect­ed by the ser­ifs? And the weird off­set shad­ow thing? Long sto­ry short, I decid­ed give the redesign a shot. I tried to make this logo sleek­er and more read­able. I want­ed to con­vey ideas such as fresh, juicy, fun, and vibrant. The indi­vid­ual rain­drop shapes that are meant to por­tray juice, swirl togeth­er, much like a blender swirls smooth­ies, into a sliced fruit shape. The orig­i­nal logo is on the left, my redesign is in the cen­ter with some process work on the left.