These sketch­es were cre­at­ed in a free pro­gram called Alche­my, which is:

…an open draw­ing project aimed at explor­ing how we can sketch, draw, and cre­ate on com­put­ers in new ways. Alche­my isn’t soft­ware for cre­at­ing fin­ished art­work, but rather a sketch­ing envi­ron­ment that focus­es on the absolute ini­tial stage of the cre­ation process. Exper­i­men­tal in nature, Alche­my lets you brain­storm visu­al­ly to explore an expand­ed range of ideas and pos­si­bil­i­ties in a serendip­i­tous way.

The pro­gram is great for com­ing up with sketch­es and ideas very quick­ly, in the gallery below, I’ve assem­bled some of the quick work I’ve done with it.